First things, First? Edit

The divines castle is an old and run down place when the divine receives it, however it can become a place of beauty as the divine invests in his home and his base in the world.

Prior to doing anything make sure you search the castle while it is in ruins there are various chests scattered about.

Once your done go to the Throne Room talk to the Queen, she will mention she can help pay to fix the Throne Room. After ward it is up to the Divine, to pay out the rest of the upgrades through out the castle. The queen and the divine will go outside and talk to the main person (London) who will be directing the workers and supplying the materials , once the dialog is done with, every room will have a supervisor that the Divine can use to upgrade each room. You can only upgrade each room twice, once the second upgrade is done with the supervisor will disappear.

First thing is to fix the Servants and Kitchen areas, you want to keep the workers happy while they go through the task of building the castle back up.

Once your far enough along in the castles upgrade, a woman named Zandra will be hired, she is more or less a Hostess (official title -- secretary) , she knows of people who are currently visiting the castle, and has very useful insight into gossip, really not gossip since the knowledge she gains is truthful. It is VITAL you always ask her about visitors, and gossip, every time you enter the castle, and or if you visit other areas inside the castle.

Upgrades Edit

Exterior Entrance:

First Upgrade: 10000 Gold.

Second Upgrade: 7000 Gold.

Interior Entrance:

First Upgrade: 40000 Gold.

Second Upgrade: 30000 Gold.

Great Hall:

First Upgrade: 25000 Gold.

Second Upgrade: 25000 Gold.

Servant Area:

First Upgrade: 25000 Gold.

Second Upgrade: 25000 Gold.

Museum (left side of the entrance):

First Upgrade: 30000 Gold.

Second Upgrade: 15000 Gold.


First Upgrade: 12000 Gold.

Second Upgrade: 12000 Gold.


First Upgrade: 5000 Gold.

Second Upgrade: 5000 Gold.

Throne room:

First Upgrade: 40000 Gold.

Second Upgrade: 40000 Gold.

Guard room:

First Upgrade: 7500 Gold.

Second Upgrade: 7500 Gold.


First Upgrade: 10000 Gold.

Second Upgrade: 10000 Gold.


First Upgrade: 50000 Gold.

Second Upgrade: 50000 Gold.


First Upgrade: 7000 Gold.

Second Upgrade: 7000 Gold.


First Upgrade: 7000 Gold.

Second Upgrade: 7000 Gold.

Guest Room:

First Upgrade: 7000 Gold.

Second Upgrade: 7000 Gold.

Visitor area:

First Upgrade: 15000 Gold.

Second Upgrade: 15000 Gold.

Divine's Room:

First Upgrade: 20000 Gold.

Second Upgrade: 20000 Gold.

Garden == To upgrade the garden (you have five choices: Ruins, Lovely, Perverse Breasts, Perverse Penis, and Natural Style) you have to advance the castle enough, so you can hold court meet various nobles, you will be told that you have as a visitor outside your castle (Liram). She will be your gardener! Each time that you want to make a change (all are reversible) it would cost you 10000 Gold.

Church and or Temple Edit

Talk to Lisanne she is the head priest of your Temple church, she does several things. Most importantly she keeps tabs on the other Priests health and happiness, the Divine can do things (for the time being) hire some party girls for the priests to have sex with.

Concubines Edit

On the second floor in the center of the castle are the concubines. There are two spots, right after you take the steps to the 2nd floor, directly in front of you, and another set of rooms above. Currently only 'Shtala' and 'Clete' are found in the first set of rooms (directly from the stairs)! Pictures are suppose to appear in front of their rooms. However after playing and getting Clete as the first concubine her picture doesn't appear, only after you get Shtala will the pictures appear in front of their respective rooms.

Noble Games Edit

After you encounter Cial and Lialle, you will find a blonde haired angel just inside the castle from the entrance.

Landriel -- Comes up with a cleaver idea to make money by creating the 'Noble Games'. I personally cannot add any more to this in the sense of a walkthrough, since I really played it only once and it seemed to have bugs and or glitches.

HOWEVER: Whenever you first interact with Landriel carefully and fully read the instructions he presents. Play the game a few times (however it is glitchey). Kind off a gladiators type video game! (the only thing I can come up with to describe it)

There are 2 games in which you can play. 1) Find and kill the Boss, 2) Don't get raped and rap.

Find and kill the boss is striaght forward. You make your way to through the series of hallways or maze and fight the boss. You can collect several Power Ups to either increase your Stats, improve your gear or Learn Skills. The Tables you can improve your Armor and your Weapon. The objects increase one of your stats by 100 each. They have a glow to them so easy to find. The Crystals teach you a Skill. There are 4 types of enemies that roam around:

Naked: are unarmed and easy to kill also like to run away from you but slow. You get +10 to each stat when defeated.

Red Bandana: fairly armed and somewhat strong. Need a few Powers to beat. Run pretty fast towards you. You get +20 to each stat when defeated.

Long Hair: pretty armed and stronger than other woman. Runs fast towards you. You get +30 to each stat when defeated.

Armored: The strongest but slow. Either upgrade your Armor and Weapon and grab several Power Ups or just evade. You get +40 to each stat when defeated.

After you make your way through the contestants you find the Boss and fight. After you win you get the option to claim your spoils (rape the woman) or leave. NOTE: This is where it gets glitchy in regards to if you win or not. If you die anytime during the game (haven't tried what happens when you loose to Boss) you loose and get sent back to room. In you take 2 steps towards the crystal you get a message saying you won and get a Victory Token. If you beat the Boss and rape the woman you get a scene and get sent back to room. Take 2 steps forward or a step back and you get a message saying you won and get a Victory Token. If you beat the Boss and leave the girl alone you get sent back to room and after going foward 2 steps or back 1 you get a message saying you lost.

Don't get raped and rap you are running around the entire time. Object is to find the Targets. Not any stat buffs to pick up. You will find some Crystals to learn a Skill and Chests to upgrade your gear. There are some Magic Circles on ground to heal you but they only work once.

There are 6 Types of enemies (that I fought, think theres 1 more):

Naked: are unarmed and easy to kil. Will run towards you. You get +10 to each stat when defeated.

Red Bandana: fairly armed and somewhat strong. Need a few Powers to beat. Run pretty fast towards you. You get +20 to each stat when defeated.

Orc: somewhat strong. You fight 2 at a time and they don't disapear after you beat them. So run away right after fight or you keep fighting them. You get +40 (+20 per orc) to each stat when defeated.

Long Hair: pretty armed and stronger than other woman. Runs fast towards you. You get +30 to each stat when defeated.

Armored: The strongest and fast. You get +40 to each stat when defeated.

Angel: Strong but doesn't move. Up against a wall or something. You get +40 to each stat when defeated.

TIP: Keep running and only fight the Naked enemies. And grab Crystals and Chests along the way. After a you win a fight the game is still running while a pop up apears and gives you a skit and the bonus for winning. If you have a couple enemies near you expect to be in a fight after you can move. And stay away from the bottom temple. Unless you can kill everything in 1 shot you loose. This game is by far the hardest and not worth the trouble with all the bugs and every enemy so OP you need to be fully maxed out to survive. NOTE: After I ran into that temple at bottom I gave up on this game. The fight is fixed to either you get lucky and they miss or you one shot the enemies. Because they call for help and they are Armored so they deal over 1k damage per hit. But this game is glitched like the other as to you can loose and you still get a message saying to won and get a Victory Token.

At the far end of the Room is the Shop. You can buy things using the Victory Tokens for your Slave/Champion. You can buy a Stat up item for 1 Token that gives +40 to each stat when you start a match. Crystalis flask for 1 Token (not sure what it does. Think it heals or something. I just used my own items). And you can use 3 Tokens to have a scene with the Shop Keeper. Difference with this Shop is you need to find the items. The shop is small so not hard but look at the Bookshelves and Tables. Only 2 items are found. NOTE: If you have several Stat Up items fromt he store and start a game up the items are used 1 at a time automatically. You will see a pop saying you got +40 to each stat. Only downside to this is that before every match you have an enemy coming towards you so either avoid until you used all the items up or you might loose the game. It also stops you in your tracks when the items is used so really messes you up when running away.


Again always talk to Zandra about any visitors..

Elliana -- Young, shy, unsure priest the Divine encounter at the Temple/Church in the Capital. After recusing her from a demon she is sent off to be with family, but appear in the Divines castle. You can ask her on dates (within the confines of the castle) during the date she opens up and finally gives in to wanted to have sex. It is unknown what if any future plans Crouler has for her.

NOTE -- You do not need to ask Zandra about her, Elliana can be found in the Main Hall (ballroom)..

NOTE: This storyline is found under the "quests" link, click the Ceeves Ocean (Capital) page to read the walkthrough. (At some point I will add direct links throughout, right now I am just trying to get various walkthroughs up-to-date)


Selnia -- Of the Goldenheart Family, she is the daughter in need of some help, but you will not be directly involved. She can be found in the "Visitors" area of the castle (use the maids to get a direct path to the different areas of the castle)

People of her land feel since the divine has comeback their crops, animals, and lands have been poisoned. You send her to talk to Gywnn. Gywnn will assign someone to go with Selnia, to her land to speak on the Dvines be-half.

Selnia returns after things have settled down to give you praise and a gift. 'GoldenHeart-Family Amulet", it is very powerful when worn, greatly increases your pdef.

NOTE -- I'm not sure when Selnia will appear, I was directed to save 2 elven's in the noble district. Part of the Main Story Line.... I was also pretty far into Michelles storyline, at least up to Michelle being sent to Rei-Long Oak.


Maliff family --- Part of Michelle's Storyline! Of course their Michelle's family, they visit to thank the divine for what he has done to help Michelle go from a zero to hero, in the process they go exploring the castle, one of the family members 'Mina' gets herself into a mess in which the divine must rescue her out of. (The Michelle Storyloine can be found in the Ceeves Ocean (Capital) walkhrough under the "quests" link on the main Alone XP page)

As of and as of my time playing the game there's nothing further to post...

Notable NPC's Edit

Exalar --Angel found after completing the upgrades to the (Interior) Entrance. She seems completely insane as well, after you confront her she will disappear from the Castle, however she is found in areas throughout the world, note she is only found in areas of great interest, and or area that hold some secret.

Delira -- Priest formerly of Ceeves Ocean's Temple, helped the Divine through some bad spots, continues to do so as a 'advisor' to the divine.

Cial & Lialle -- Two of the Divines angles from his original 'plane' they inform him he is GOD himself, creator of all, but the Divine wanted to explore the Mortal Plane for some unknown reason. They along with Delira form an Advisory Group.

Shail -- Appeared in the mountains at the first Orc cave (traveling from Everlight out to Rei-Long Oak) as a sheep or ram, is one of the Divines angels, she was looking to kill the divine claiming he was a fake, but realizes she was in the wrong. She too becomes part of the Divines advisory team.

Lisanne -- High Priest running the divines castle Temple/Church

Pellie -- formerly of the Ceeves Ocean Temple, she can explain, Nobility, Common Lore, and Culture, split into subtitle (IE) children, cities, nobles culture, priests culture, and on and on....

Zandra -- Acts as a Hostess, knows about important visitors currently at the castle, also very useful gossip knowledge.

NOTE -- I tried to list them in the order as they appeared in the game, and not in alphabetical order.