The game is being made in the RPGMaker XP engine and thus the RTP or RPGMaker XP is needed to run the game.

Installing the game Edit

First you need to make sure you either have RPGMaker XP or the RTP for it. The RTP is free and will allow you to play games made in the RPGMakerXP engine.

To dowload the RTP for free go here and select RPG Maker XP. The picture to the right shows the right package to download.

RTP for RPG Maker XP

Downloading the RTP for RPG Maker XP

To purchase and and download you can buy RPG Maker XP from the official home page or buy it on Steam.

Then, to install the game, download the newest version of the game from the AloneXP Blog. If you have the RTP or RPGMaker XP installed the game should run without any issues. Should anything be wrong you should report it under the bug section on the blog or write on the latest post on the blog and the issue will be looked at as soon as possible.

Controls Edit

Move with the arrow keys.

Activate with C or Space.

Menu and back with X.