Ceeves Ocean is the capital of Emrionge and houses the queen alongside a large part of the upper class. The temple headquarters of the faith is present there as well.

NOTE -- At some point I will end up cutting Michelle's Story LIne from the Ceeves Ocean guide and branch it off on its own within the 'Quest' section. As soon as I figure out how to do that!!!! Been a long time since I used a wiki style web site, used to be easier 10 or so years ago!

Quests Edit

In the army... (Michelle's Story Line as of version Edit

You begin this quest in the castle library by talking to Michelle (you could find her in the Queen's Castle library). She asks the divine for an opportunity to show her worthiness. If you feel like it, you should talk with the Major Commandant Sicila in the barracks of the castle. After that go to the library, to tell Michelle the good news.

Go to the entrance of the Slums district to progress with the quest. You would have the opportunity to make a alignment choice (at very least you have a decision to make). The rest is very straightforward. When you are finished go and talk to Sicila to get your reward (500 gold and 50 XP).

When you are ready to progress with this quest talk to Michelle again (she can be found in the barracks). You would be in another raid (this time in Rei-Long Oak). After another decision (concerning more charges against a thief) you will get 500 gold and 100 XP.

To progress further, speak with Michelle again, which will ask you to speak with Siicla. In the conversation, you would have to make another decision concerning Michelle's future. After that, the Major Commandant will tell you that you have a letter waiting for you in the church. After the whole drama, talk with Sicila: they have found a clue. You are sent to Everlight's Inn to talk with Michelle (big surprise indeed!), but not before you get 900 Gold and 150 XP.

Once that you are ready to do so, go there and talk to Michelle twice (one for the explanation, one to active the quest). Now it's time for more decisions once more... In any case go to the barracks in the Capital's castle to learn more (this time is Michelle who is in charge).

Now it's time for payback! Interact with Michelle twice to trigger the next phase. Once that all the dust has settled, go to visit Michelle. After that, you should talk to Sicila again to carry on (at this point you can do the Iroa's house quest, that it was not available before).

Time for a little mind-reading. The girl that you are looking for is near the fisher at the bottom of the area. You have to get a bit creative to get the information. Once you have it, you have to sniff around in the slums for a bit and you would eventually hear a conversation between Carrie and an underling. After a friendly match, Carrie would reluctantly agree to help you (for a price!). Return to Sicila with the (good?) news and she will ask you to go to a meeting in the barracks (building to the right of the Inn).

Once you enter the barracks, you will be prompted to a reunion with four senior captains. After a bit of discussion and exposition, you have to make a decision. You could choose to set a trap to try to capture some of the higher bosses or make Carrie to do some information snooping. In any case, once you had reached a decision, you have to communicate it to Sicila. Also you should talk with Michelle too (for a nice, mushy chat) and with Sicila (she offers a nice reward for you, see the Item list page for details). After that Sicila asks you to use some mind reader magic again, this time to cull out a possible traitor.

If you choose the first option, you only have to wait until the raid has been done and search for Carrie (but she is not on the Slums, you should look in the Docks instead).

If you choose the second option, you would have to make another choice: how much money you will dedicate to the operation. There are three options: high, medium and low. I had chosen a high level for this choice. Your mission is to find Carrie as in the other branch.

If you choose the second option, you would have to make another choice: how much money you will dedicate to the operation. There are three options: high, medium and low. I had chosen a high level for this choice. Your mission is to find Carrie as in the other branch.

In any case, talk to Sicila and she will send you to see Michelle in Everlight Village. When you meet her, you will see two of her friends and receive the Burning Sword. After all is said and done (assuming you castle is far enough along) she and her friends will meet up with you at the Divines castle. If you castle isn't ready you will have to back to the Everlight barracks to confirm with Michelle your castle is ready. 


Once your at the castle go to the the Guests Room, go to the second floor stay to the left, the room is past the priests lounge/bedrooms, you'll see Michelle and her friends talk to Michelle, she has another gift for you. Once you view the gift go back, talk to Michelle, at some point you'll be asked to be 'friends' with Michelle or to 'keep things as they are'. You will be encouraged via a dialog box as to which choice is the right one (pick - friends).

Go right back and talk with Michelle read the dialog, and choose to continue or wait. If you wait you can always go back and talk to Michelle, the dialog box will appear with the same two questions. Thanks to Carrie's efforts the army has uncovered something in Ceeves Ocean, the Divine needs to go the Capital. Once you get to the dock a soldier is waiting for you, after the raid go talk Sicila, she will be there with Carrie, once the conversation is over you can visit Carrie's mansion.

NOTE: Explore the inside of Carries mansion you'll find a chest containing 'Breif Jins' ("underwear you shouldnt wear on top of your head" haha, however I am not sure when, or in what situation they are to be used). In case you forgot you'll have to go to Rei-Long Oak, at the end of the pier there's an escort with a rowboat (you should already know this), but she can take you to Carrie's mansion. There are a couple of H-scenes! And a few "secret" scenes (I need to add or update and add the link to the secrets walkthgrough)   

NOTE: During the dialog while at the divines castle Michelle mentions a group bandits who have set-up a camp on the Divine's Island. You could find the smugglers camp yourself and get into battles with the bandits, these bandits are different from the ones you and the army have gone after. However they re-spawn as you go in and out of the cave,  these bandits carry high XP (200) for a group of two, (600) for a group of four, a good way to jack up your XP, which helps in gaining a higher Level (battle experience)  

Go back to you castle talk to Michelle again after a short dialog, go right back and talk to Michelle again. At this point you'll be prompted a couple options "Next Step" or "Have some fun". You may get a dialog box that says "NOT IMPLEMENTED" but ignore it, this part has been added and is good to go.

---DATING--- If you choose to have some fun, remember, the INN is in the NOBLE DISTRICT of Ceeves Ocean, take the rowboat just south of Sophie (Sophie -- your personal escort) a soldier in a blue uniform will be waiting. Once at the docking station, use the northern door to go out, go west, then slightly south to get to the INNS entrance way. After meeting her, and some dialog, she suggests going on the beach, once on the beach she wishes she could have something to remember the occasion by. Walk off to the west of Michelle (staying on the beach)  you will spot a yellow blob on the ground pick it up ( 'enter' on your keyboard), after small dialog she accepts the sizable chunk of Amber! Next scene your back at the Inn, following the dialog. At this point she vanishes and the date is over!

NOTE:While at the Inn go upstairs to the room directly to your right, you'll get a "secret"  H-scene  WARNING: it is futa on female but you will not get to see any ding dong.

Go back to the Divines castle talk with Michelle you'll find out the date was a one time thing. At least for the time being, until Crouler's future updates.

---NEXT STEP?--- Go through the dialog, go to Ceeves Ocean for the next mission. Once you get to Ceeves Ocean head to the Barracks, talk to Sicila follow the dialog. Michelle is ordered to ready the next mission. The divine as been asked to find another rat or mole within the ranks of the military, who could be anywhere.

Head for FAUR --- Go north to the first cross roads then west, stay close to that building, follow it north, you'll see two soldiers, a recruit, and a ranking officer, talk the ranking officer, Follow the dialog, head to the inn. (go back to the cross roads, and continue north follow the path you'll go up a set of steps followed be another set, then go west.)

NOTE: You should be able to access Faur using the boat then Horse Carriage, if you are unable too access this area, you may have to 'unlock' the area. Go to Everlight then go to the far north, back to the girl with red hair, and her campfire site. There's a path to the east of the campfire itself, follow it east keep on east, head north the road then Y's off, you could go to the left and meet a crazy girl there (Mirt). You can also read a plague on the building. Go to the right of the Y, and keep going north.You will end up in the city, and Sophie will stop you letting you know your escort is waiting.   

NOTE:this has been mentioned but there is a giant frog, before you go across the wooden bridge on your way to Faur it's been said you can capture it, the divine then teleports it to the castles farm, but it would take several tries to capture, the capture rate is something like 1 out 20 possible higher.  

Go back to Ceeves Ocean talk to Sicila this time you need to convince a Noble to allow the military to continue using her property and empty house as a base. Go to the Noble's section of Ceeves Ocean, go to the Inn. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THE GAME AT THIS POINT. There are a number of possible replies all in hopes that the Divine can convince her to keep the price as is. I chose "Argue her Image as a helper" -- "Argue about moral" -- "Promise Future Favors". When you get back to the barracks the Noble still added a 50% increase to the renewed contract.  

NOTE: I'm not sure of all the options, when I got to the dialog box about the Divine doing favors I felt that would pretty much seal the deal.(If you've followed the dialog throughout the game, anytime the Divine can grant favors to Noble's they drool like dogs over such an offer)  

While at the barracks Sicila will tell the Divine about another mission, head to the docks where Sophie is, from the center of that scene, or part of town, head south down the set of steps and east, you'll see two Noble women talking, and a large fleet of soldiers. You, Michelle, and two recruits take a rowboat to the island, defeat ALL the bandits. NOTE: as of update Crouler as fixed this part of the game stopping the soldiers from continuing to appear after this mission.  

NOTE: Search the entire cave any and all items laying around, there's a number of items you can pick up, and they are not just in the creates/chests your used to seeing. So when I mean search everything, search everything, just keep tapping 'enter' as you walk around the various items or junk sitting throughout the caves.  

After you awake from your drunken blackout, go talk to Sicila, she wants to give you something she dearly values whether you accept it or refuse you end up with "Honour's Light". The dialog ends, but make sure you talk to her again before leaving, you can ask how Sicila is doing, more importantly Where is Michelle?  

Before you head out to Rei-Long Oak, talk with the Mayor of Everlight, and the Queen to help sponsor Michelle the Divine can also sponsor Michelle, find Michelle follow the dialog, keep interacting with her, till your prompted about sponsors, you can only pick one out of three 'sponsor' offers. -- Note -- I believe the Queen is related to Michelle?  

After talking with Michelle the dialog should say something along the line of the city being a nest for crime, but she doesn't really know where to start, head out to the desert north of Rei-Long Oak, you'll find a lone bandit, defeat her and the Divine obtains a 'letter',. read it, head back into Rei-Long Oak.  

Go south, just before entering the dock, head east (to your right) you should be at the last house, walk around the stone path you'll get a dialog box and a 'portal' which will take you to.....? Anyway, you be given a 'contract' from an unknown person, whatever you do --DO NOT ATTACK-- this person, if you do, you do not get the letter. Read it, give it to Michelle.  

Head back to the Divines castle go to the Throne Room, you should see an angel similar to Exalar, or simply a white angel, Sindriel will say, do to your interactions with Michelle she has obtained some of his power, she is not in danger from the power she absorbed, but she is in danger since it came from the Divine, If you followed the dialog up to this point, remember the Divine is not very popular with certain groups of people. Sindriel has decided to protect/defend or become Michelle's personal guard.  

Go to Lei-Long Oak talk to Michelle and you'll see Sindriel is there as well. Michelle is confused over the situation and heads to Ceeves Ocean. Go to Ceeves Ocean to the Queens castle, after you enter the castle talk to the guard to your right, (he is the one in directly to the right of the entrance door). Michelle's promotion to Major has been approved but the Queen must give the final say. Enjoy the ceremony festivities and the Divine can even say a word in Michelle's favor. She is at near the entrance, she has to catch a ship as she is off to the front-lines!  

In the meantime.........................  

Head to the Divines castle, go to the Throne Room, Zandra is seen wondering around (the divines secretary, seen inside the castles entrance) she mentions the Maliff family (Michelle's family), Lasaan, Mina, and Elisabeth have decided to visit the Divines castle to pay their respects to the holy one. Zandra mentions they have a room, but their walking about exploring the castle.  

Go to the Museum room, to the southwest you'll see 4 people, a maid, and the 3 Maliff family members. Talk to them after you'll be prompted some questions 'Yes" -- "No" -- "What is it?" Pick "what is it" read the dialog carefully. Then make your choice.    

Go to the castles entrance, to the small room on the left side (I guess you could call it a waiting room) , you will find Lassan talk to her, flirt with her. However she just goes off to continue exploring the Castle.    

Next go to the Garden, talk to MIna, she says she is going off to explore the island.    

Go the the 'Bathing' area of the castle, head for the outdoor spa, in the yard you'll see Elisabeth, she asks if you've seen Mina around, the Divine says yes 'sometime ago'. An angel appears out of thin air informing the divine Mina was kidnapped and is being held in a 'newly appeared cave'.    

Held out of the Castle, follow the stone path south, in the next scene head slightly south, then East (your right), in the next scene you should be next a tree stomp, from that stomp head directly south, you'll see a group of Angels and Guards who have surrounded the Cave/Portal. Try entering the portal! You'll need to find a someway of getting into the cave!    

From the cave/portal go sightly northeast, you'll see another -- set of hills -- with 3 sets of steps, when you get to the second hill, look to your left, you'll see a very faint 'glowing orb' interact with it.    

After you rescue Mina, sometime later Michelle will visit your Castle and talk about what happened with Mina. Not long after she has something come up and leaves.    

(Funny story -- this part of the game pissed me off, and made me laugh, pissed me off cause I thought it was the 'Bandits Cave' on the island, only the Angels were nowhere to be found, funny because I went completely brain dead by not bothering to search around before getting to the Bandits Cave, that and then trying to figure out how the hell to enter the newly appeared cave)    

Iroa's house Edit

This quest is received by talking to the knight in front of Iroa's house (Most Eastern house in the church area).

The knight will tell you that the house was reserved for people who are trusted by the queen. It was previously given to Iroa but after her betrayal and suicide it's now empty. She mentions that if you know a family who could live there you are free to let them know they can move into it.

The family that can move into the house is found in the hostel in the Slums Area. There is a mother with a child who stands directly near the door. Talk to her and tell her that she can move into the house. To complete the quest talk to lady Cehli in the basement of Iroa's house.

The stolen necklace Edit

This quest is received from Lady Lija (grey haired woman) in the southern part of the Docks Area.

When talking to her she seems upset, she will explain that a precious family heirloom, a necklace was stolen from her. You can then offer to help her get it back, and will tell you that there is a traveler staying in the inn who might know more.

Go to the inn which can be found in the Church Area, and speak to the black haired girl wearing purple clothes in the North-eastern part of the inn. She will tell you that she might know something, but that she wants you to have sex with her in return. You will then read her mind to find out why she wants that, and discover that if she gets pregnant with your child she will be set for life. You have the option to either have sex with her, or read her mind now to get the information.

You will find out that she saw a woman entirely dressed in blue run from the scene of the crime towards the slums area. The woman can be found in the south-western part of the Slums Area which can be reached by going through the narrow path. Confront her about the theft and she will transform into an imp (from the dialog she seems to work for the Mysterious woman). The imp is not extremely strong. Once defeated the player will obtain the necklace from the imp.

Return to Lady Lija and she will reward you with 1000 gold, 150 xp and 15 summoning xp.

Some time later you find an invisible imp in Rei-Long Oak, that announces you that some sort of demon lord (or lady) that you will receive a present in the future.

The Gardener Edit

You get this quest from the gardener (dark hair, dark clothes) in the castle area of Ceeves Ocean.

The gardener tells you that she lost the design plans for the garden and is going to be in big trouble. She would like for you to help her find them. So go around and interact with each of the flowers planted on the ground until you find the plans. Return them to the gardener and she will reward you with 100g.

Honor among... Bandits? Edit

You get this quest by talking with a purple woman just outside of the brothel if you go south. There is an small alley so talk to her.

She asks you to steal a chest of gold from a rich woman's house. If you agree with her request, you should be aware that there is no honor among bandits. Chest of gold can be found in one of three houses in Church District. You can easily notice it. Interact with chest and head back to woman in the slums. She will attack you at the end so just deal with her. Gold from chest is yours now (1500 gold).

An old woman's hope Edit

You get this quest from an old woman sitting at a table in Ceeves Ocean inn.

The old woman is looking for her lost strongbox. Hopefully you already have the mysterious strongbox that this woman is looking for, having picked it up during the quest to recapture the giant land squid in Everlight Village. If not, head back to Everlight and exit the town to the north. Go past the farm and into the foggy woods. Make your way south-west until you see a chest near the pond. You'll find the mysterious strongbox inside.

When you give her the box, she will reward you with a green potion that gives you 25 summoning xp.

Paintings of Eros Edit

You start the quest talking to Caile in the barracks (to the right from the Inn). She requests that you bring to her all illegal paintings of people having sex that you came across, as they were not allowed by those depicted. To get them you have to fight many of Smugglers split around whole world. After defeating one of them there is a certain chance to get smuggler chest which may contain one of required paintings or not. It is very long quest if you want to collect them all.

NOTE: The smugglers are of silver armor, and have purple hair in a ponytail, in order to 'unlock' the smugglers (as you may have noticed they do not appear at any point in the game till now) you have to talk with Caile to activate or unlock the smugglers, their mostly found away from villages, in remote areas, woods, desert, mountains, caves along or off of pathways, again pathways or scenes that are not in villages. If you get a smugglers box/chest they are random in their contents, you could get potions, wine, gold, drugs, condoms, and hopefully at some point illegal art. One of the potions "Potion of Ages" (can increase EXP, or Summoning EXP) and "Elixir" very powerful for restoring HP and SP.

When you get 20 of those paintings in total (no matter which one... you can get even 20 the same) go back to Caile in the barracks and give it to her. She will tell you that she made breakthrough and she have some new clues. You can help her with it and obviously it is worth the effort. Clues lead to Fuar and that's the next place you have to visit. When you reach Fuar go east and enter the first house of the north after map will change (the same house where you find little girl in quest "Hide and go seek gone wrong"). Upstairs you will find blue chest. Some of you probably found it before and were considered how to open that shit. Yeah. Now you can do this. First interact with the chest to get a proper event. Now you have to find a key which is hidden on the first floor in the sink. Go back to chest and open it just to find large amount of illegal art (2 of each piece). Go back to Caile in the barrack and tell her about everything you found.

When you collect another 30 paintings (50 in total and remember that you found 18 of them in chest) you will get another breakthrough. Give em to Caile and she will tell you this time about illegal arts flowing through Everlight but they didn't find any even after check every single house there (which is obvious hint for you). Travel to Everlight city and go to the Inn (yeah... that's not house). Go upstairs and you will notice normal chest next to stairs. Open it and you will find another collection of illegal art hidden under furs from Fuar. Go back to Caile and inform her about that.

Collect another 20 illegal paintings to go further in with questline (70 in total and you got 18 from chest so you just need to find 2 more) and give them to Caile. She have new lead and will ask you for help. After short conversation (which is pretty funny so read it... I like Caile... And i want her for my harem...) she will send you to find person responsible for everything. If you read properly you should already know where to go because she mentioned eastern route from main route. Anyway. Travel to Fuar and exit from south to the crossroads. Go far east until you reach caravan with single woman - smuggler. Funny thing is that she will give up and tell you everything at first place. Now you have two options... You can make a friendly fight with her or take her to Caile without it... (I recommend fight because maybe later you will get some profits for that). Her name is Daitar by the way. Take her to Caile and for now there is no more plot for this quest-line so don't expect anything more for now. You can still collect paintings and sell them for 200 gold each.

HINT! Daitar will join your team just after catch and before you visit Caile and she is pretty strong companion! Yes! She can fight along you side! It is wise to use her a little before you hand her over to Caile!

HINT 2! You just have to collect 34 illegal paintings to make whole progress there! 36 you will find doing the questline so wise move is to get 34 of them before you hand over first of them to Caile... This way you will go with all parts of current plot at one time


Detective work Edit

Kidnappings' case Edit

You will see a glowing spot over by the Wayfinder in the Docks area. To activate this case you need to walk over the glowing spot from the stairs nearby. A woman will bump into you and drop a letter that contains the first clue. After looking over the first clue head to the slums and speak to the woman standing outside of the hostel. Once you've done that head inside of the hostel and speak to the landlady, she will tell you which room belongs to the girl in the picture. Go to the room and search the bed to get the next clue. From there head to the Docks and find the glowing spot over by the boat that takes you to the noble district. Once activated you will run into the same woman who dropped the first clue and she will give you the next clue. Speak to the old woman that is standing next to the stairs over by Lija, the woman that gave you the quest to find the necklace, she will tell you who to look for next. Go to the Church area and speak to the woman in the bottom left corner of the market area, by the water. She will tell you that her contact is in the inn. Go to the inn and speak to Pjita, the woman sitting at the last table on the character's right. Defeat Pjita and she will give you the last clue, you can also choose if you want to have Pjita arrested or not at this time. Turn in the case at the C.U.N.T. headquarters to get your reward.

Smuggling case

Enter the warehouse in the bottom right of the church area and check the room at the top left of this screen. If you see a white letter there, pick it up to start this quest. Letter will direct you to seek out a mysterious "MG". Talk to the warehouse manager in the room on the right and she will say that the only person working there with those initials would probably be "Maria". She says Maria dresses in pink or purple and probably lives in town somewhere. Turns out Maria is hiding in probably the last place you'd think of looking for her, the bathhouse at the castle. Talk to her there and either judge or listen to her, you can then forgive her or not. If you listened to and forgave her, you will get a list of known smugglers to take in to C.U.N.T. headquarters for your reward. You get 7,000 gold for this, and can meet Maria outside of the Warehouse if you forgave her for a short conversation.


Lydianne's Faction Edit

To start this quest you have to talk to a purple hair woman in red dress standing at Capital City docks. She is most western woman standing there so you can easy find her.

Lydianne because that's her name after short conversation will invite you to her mansion at Noble District of Capital City. Some of you probably don't know about this district even exist. Anyway. She will move to her mansion and you can visit her whenever you are ready for that. No big deal.

If you want to travel to Noble District just talk to a guard standing ahead of small boat in docks. She is very close to location when you meet Lydianne and also she is the one who can take you to that district.

Leave building when you will end after travel and go to most south-eastern house from there. You will notice Lydianne talking to some guard just in front of her house. Talk to her and she will invite you inside. Follow her and start conversation again. She will tell you that she is an leader of some organisation of justice. They want to stop crimes happening in Capital City. You can help her or not... But if you want to go further with this whole quest then you have to do it.

When you are ready to help her just talk to her again. First step is to stop small group - syndicate who recently started their activity in Capital. You have to find 4 mysterious groups of bandits along Capital City. Leave noble district (same way as you traveled here). They are easy to spot. First group is on the Church District standing outside of the Church. Fight them and go for another group. You can find them at the Inn in upper level. Deal with them and now you have to visit Warehouse at the Church-Market District. It is the big building on the western side. Deal with third group and for last group go to the Slums and to most south-eastern side of this place (quest Honor Among... Bandits?). Kill them all and go back to Lydianne at the Noble District. Report her everything and as a reward you will get "Potionmaster's Potion" which is pretty nice (10 summoning XP, 500 Xp, +5 Str and Int).

Talk to Lydianne again if you willing to help her more. This time she will tell you about Zlatha - powerful mage and warrior together. She was hired by your main enemies Zeathens. You have to stop her but unfortunately no one know her location. To find her you need first to capture one of bandit leaders. Lydianne mention that this leader is hiding somewhere between Rei-Long Oak and Mountains.

Travel to Rei-Long Oak and leave from northern exit. Turn left (west) and just go path on the cliffs at the desert (same location where Imp from Mysterious Woman was). Interact with those bandits and deal with them. After battle the bandit leader will drop box with sexy pictures and a journal or something like this. You can enjoy a view for a while and read a whats inside. When you are done fapping go back to Lydianne at Noble District (Before you do this it is recommended to have at least one drug in inventory! If you don't have you can buy it from Bunny Girl at Market in Capital City). This time some guard is blocking doors to her mansion. Talk to her and you will known that Lydianne is just south of mansion on the beach. Go there and talk to Lydianne. She want to interrogate bandit leader and there are two ways you can do this. Mind reading which is obvious and easiest way... or drug her up which is more funny tho. Both way lead to same effect but for one you need drugs mentioned before. I'm recommending options with drugs. More funny tho. Talk to Lydianne at her house and she will mention her sister who can help you both...

That's it for now. Currently there is no more missions for Lydianne. Latest version

Bullied Priest - Elliana Edit

You can start this questline talking to one of three priests standing just on the first floor of the church behind altar with red hair priestess. Two of them are bullying on dark skin beauty priest. After short conversation they will stop it at once just because you said it but that won't solve a whole problem obviously. Elliane will thank you for the help and also tell you about herself a little. She will then disappear.

You can find her again in Capital City Inn. Isn't hard to notice dark skinned priest there. Talk to her and you will notice how shy that girl is. After another short conversation she will just run off from the Inn.

Now she is standing on the market place in Capital City - southern part just next to water behind boxes. Enjoy the view with her and talk a little. She is still bullied - which can be interpreted from conversation. Again... She just dissapeared. Shy girl... Very shy...

Go to the dock this time and you will find Elliana standing near the caravan and wayfinder. Situation is getting worse. She is not just bullied but one of priestess attempted to rape her. Crusader stopped it but yeah... You (as character) have to talk to them and deal with that problem. Obviously you are not happy about what happened. Go to the Church and you will be stopped at the entrance by Crusader leader Insal. After short conversation about situation with Elliana and how precious friend she is for you go back to the docks.

As you already noticed instead of Elliana there is just some dock worker wandering around there. Talk to her and she will tell you that Elliana was kidnapped. The lead to find her is also in docks just next to the guardian who can take you to noble district. It is small seal on the ground - hardly visible. Interact with it and after you will be teleported to another map - demonic (if you get blackscreen there just use bug cleanser from your inventory). Now interact with two pedestals on different sides of this place until you get message from unknown person (just click once the left one and like 2 times the right one to switch the event...). Another seal on the ground will appear just on the middle. Prepare for hard battle with strong demon there. Enter the seal and kill the demon (reward - Staff of Lost Wills... same as Mordens one)... After short conversation you will be back to the Church where Insal tell you that Elliana got time off and she was send to her family to recover herself. No one knows when she will back... But obviously she will... Someday...

You can find Elliana at your castle, she is in the Ball Room to the left or east of the room, you can ask her how she is doing after the dialog, afterword you can confront her and you'll have a couple options, one option is asking her to dinner, once dinner is over this leads to an H-scene!

Warning: Elliana is a futa, if you've paid attention throughout the game, priests have both male and female parts!

Note : Divine's level must be at 35 for Open Demonic Seal.

WARNING! Even after quest is done the magic seal on the ground still exist in the docks... if you will enter it again you can't back from there! Avoid it especially if you didn't save before that...


Notable NPC's Edit