AloneXP is an R18+ game being made by Crouler, with maps being made by Naki, who unfortunately had to say farewell to the team, Mugginns as well as earlier maps made by Gegerlan and Zaroz is helping proofread the game. It runs in RPGMaker XP and the RTP is needed for it to work properly.

The game is still in production and is not finished yet. The game is being developed as a hobby and not by any corporations so the game's development time generally depends on the free time of the creators.

Currently the game has a good amount of content, easily reaching several hours of game play, however it is still far from finished, often being said to be around 5 - 10% done.

Welcome to the Alonexp WikiEdit

This is the WIKI page for the game AloneXP

Official blog:


Please help out by adding to this wiki and help others who play the game!

Crouler, and gang have to deal with IRL too; so...

Release ---Updated as of September 2017--- Version -- Michelle's storyline 'Finished'. Crouler has currently stated more work will be done on other story lines. Edit


-Please see this blog post for guide on how to move old saves to the new version.


Esc and or --X-- Brings up the games --Menu-- Access * Items, Equip, Save, End Game, ect..

Up --Down-- left-- Right, using the arrow keys on your keypad.

Hold down the left or right --Shift-- key this speeds up your character, of course you hold both shift and the directional key!

Alt+Enter -- To toggle 'full screen' or 'windowed' mode

Navigate the wiki Edit

Go to:


Playing the game and how to make it work

The world of AloneXP


The Castle of the Divine

Detailed Walkthrough

Item list

Who the F*** is Alice?

Castle and the Cheats

Random Hidden Events

About the wikiEdit

This wiki is for the game "AloneXP".

Play as a divine in a world that worships you and uncover the story and the intrigue of a huge world full of life and content!

This game is 18+ and should not be played by children under any circumstances!

Latest activityEdit

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